7 years before

That English ver is also in front of the talk?

Because the book which appears in a profile picture is written about new dimension thought technology of an overseas edition.

Translation of LINE is used so that an overseas person may understand, too.


If it doesn't connect, I'm sorry.



7 years ago, my grandfather passed away and right now, experienced an eastern Japan great earthquake northeast.

Fortunately, there was no big damage in a house.

Please be stunned by the state of the tidal wave while watching free daily television.

Mortification nothing can do was felt.

It was victimless, but the life by which the gas which doesn't go out can't also use long time water was serious.

If I return to a usual life and do for a while finally.

I met new dimension thought technology MIROSS.

I thought interest was the spiritual one to which I have been out the time a little, but it was just different.


All ones are made of a pair, and two sides of the same coin are being done.

It's divided into 2 and is just seen, originally, one.

There are no good potato bad potatoes.


I was surprised.

It's this!

Anyway felt one is this!

A piece of the puzzle which was being searched was buried.


It was remembered.