The one a person is seeing

That's dispersive at the respective universe.


The person who always looks light vigorously

That person is cheerful, and I hope that the person who has that is funny.

The person who has that is good with a noisy dislike.

The person who has that thinks as nothing.

The person who is always quiet conversely and quiet

The person who has that is dark and good with a weak point.

That the person who has that is self-possessed and nice, good.

It's quiet, but the person who has that watches a person carefully, and says a gentle person.

Because it's being judged from the fancied world inside each selfishly, even if I worry about person's eye, it's inevitable.

Even if something is called, a partner is talking about himself.

And you're also informing me that one is seeing myself so.

You're dark.

The dark fact that a partner hid it in the partner even if this was called, if we assume as it is being done.

It's in KAA as much as I thought of myself so by myself, too.


The head's inside may be light unreasonably for a dark person.(・ⅹ・)*\( ˆoˆ )/*

A cheerful person may be very dark in the house only at outside.*\( ˆoˆ )/*(・ⅹ・)

Both are same!

Both are also fine!