Gentle person

I thought it was important that a much gentle thing makes it gentle with a good person.

But as it is made a person, it's handled roughly from the neighborhood, and, coldly, it was being seen.

That I met new dimension thought technology MIROSS and understood?

When they're always gentle by a set, I have cold sake red snapper in myself with the same size.


They're gentle, when it tilted.

It's just cold with the same size, but it becomes big.


Oh, direct !!


And well, it was because they were cool toward themselves, that they're gentle with a person, wasn't it?

DA also blamed why isn't that this also made restlessly, and a cold part fitted itself, and that was reversed, and immediate Kagami was showing it to me.


The thing with which now is gentle and a cold thing.
Both are also fine.


To make it gentle has disappeared and.
Even if the thing done gently from a partner is also returned readily, I'm not interested any more.

Oneself's, it became comfortable.