My father and mother

Everyone is half of my father and mother, and it's done.


One chooses, and the mother and father are being born.


And the world my father and mother are seeing changes according to itself just as it is.

When it's painful, that isn't you.
My father and mother, the, the program ancestors experienced again is being just experienced vicariously.

The program I wanted to send true oneself to which finds out the world of this illusion, and comes out by exceeding my father and mother.



I could meet that I didn't also know I began to point consciousness, and where I was after when they divorced my mother and were young, I got away, and met the fatherhood by which I assumed that I'm not here in new dimension thought technology MIROSS, again, and sneaked from a program of a wrong impression.

When there weren't people of the relationship, the reunion was impossible, so thank you very much all the while for everyone who watched, understood as every oneself and was moved, it's much by feeling.

When it wasn't done in the past, he didn't find out that he gets up now, so when meeting again, an impossible thing passed, and the head didn't follow at all, but now is thanks in can make them experience it especially.