Man and wowan

Man and woman

I think there is nothing of the energy of different polarity this much at all.

It's different fundamentally and I myself have checked a divorce of my father and mother and a breach of close men and women, too and, it can be understood each other for life, I overcome and have thought.

In new dimension thought technology MIROSS.
Please change men and women's relationship to completely new relationship.
The energy, production
Everything, it's possible to restore.


First it's the inner man and woman to see.

As it is on bad terms inside itself when I'm at outs.


Because men and women's missing has continued all the while even if this is seen at a historical background, after inevitable.

Because the relationship is the reason which was here.
A divorce isn't also a bad reason.


A man is the spread and a lady concentrates.

A man loves only 1 person, difficult.

Because a lady can't love herself, either.
Even if I want you to love outside, it can't be received.

At this rate what couldn't happen?


Such nature, reciprocally, first, as much as it's being understood, it changes entirely.