In new dimension thought technology MIROSS, encounter
Immediateness was changing.
A grandmother of my mother's side showed that to me most.
Since my grandmother falls down and enters once.
It was finally to get up.
The time painful by a nursing life
I, in MIROSS, encounter
When speaking is made the lecturer who could do the relationship.
As a grandmother reflects herself.
Felt one should be received.
You said so, so if it was so, it was tried. It's important to try it obediently.
Having, endurance, chain and oneself I hid.
After my grandmother who was showing variously was being understood.
It was finally to get up.
Please get up by oneself and sit down on foot.
I changed for my grandmother who likes travel very much .
The nursing by which I thought it was just serious was also at an advantage, and it was learned to like actually that it was changed, and it was surprise.
♫ Everyone can be done when this knows MIROSS
It's a system. There is mechanism in this world.