Summer at the Heisei end

It wasn't being written a lot.

After there is an experience variously in summer at the Heisei end.

Without the knowing what to tilt to.
It fell with GUGU.

You get angry about work unreasonably each time.

When noticing that I liked love, there is a girl friend.

For my group by which they gathered by a hobby, distrust

And terrible intense heat

The earthquake which is Hokkaido in typhoon damage

A natural disaster doesn't also cease at any place but Japan.

Milos has all responses.

Why are the global worst situation and one this?

A good bad nose isn't there.

Because a minus isn't liked, man tries to go by plus thought with an ideal.

That I refused a system.
It comes out in DOKAN and immediateness.

I, work and love are unconscious for my company, too, an ideal, the make
As that bothered 、, and I was overturning.

When I go to plus thought, immediate actuality comes to only the negative situation.

That, it's ARAYO at Milos's space.
That that was inevitable, if it's accepted.
It has ended.

That space is wonderful.

When Milos is sent for a long time, there is a person getting away, too, when it's done by itself, it's wrong.

Because everything is done by thought.

So please ask me person's experience of the relationship.
I can return.

So I changed thanks into the relationship and thought.